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Sunday, February 4, 2007

photography saved my marriage!

Because my DH would have killed me had I lost the center diamond on my ring!

I was at DD's audition yesterday and playing around with my camera and the new extension tube I got the other day.. Took a shot of my ring and when I got home I realized that two of my prongs had broken off! Thank goodness I found it before I lost the diamond! I have now taken it off and will not wear it again until I get it fixed.

I got to shoot COURTSIDE!

I got to shoot COURTSIDE!

Sunday, 04 February 2007
Last night my daughter's school's performing group was scheduled to perform as the pre-game entertainment for the Phoenix Suns/Utah Jazz game. Another of the students, 10 year old Audriana, had won a spot to sing the National Anthem for the start of the game. I had bought tickets for she and I to go, but she had a show and had to go to the theatre instead so I took Joshua. When we got there, the principal asked if I'd take photos of the group and Audriana's mom asked if I'd take photos of her singing and had gotten permission for me to come out with them to the tunnel to take the shots. Originally I was supposed to go to the 100 section, speak to the usher to get as close as they'd let me, take the photos of the group, then meet Audriana's mom to go to the tunnel. I asked Bob, the guy helping the group organize, where I should go, he said "we're going to the south tunnel too, just come with us".. SCORE! So I go down with the group, and was allowed to go courtside and sit in the owner's seats to take the group shots!

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I took this photo of Joshua when we were done and leaving.. his expression matched mine -

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:: Do we really have to go? ::

After meeting up with Audriana's mom we got led through another set of tunnels, past the practice court, to where the press area was.. I want that life.. MAN... We were led between the bleachers to where we met some Suns Dancers and I took her picture with them.. feel free to drool at will here guys!

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The security guy leading us took Josh and me to our mid-court courtside seats to have, what he thought would be, good seats to take her photos.. On the way there I stepped over pro-tographers with lenses the size of my head- can we say green with envy? Anyway, there were assorted people there who felt the need to stand right in front of me and not being able to leave Joshua to get a really good shot, I did what I could from where I was..

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It's a DARNED good thing that new lens has IS.. my hands were shaking so bad from me saying "THIS IS SO FREAKING COOL" over and over in my head.. I'd never have had a good shot otherwise! LOL!!

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I got to shoot some photos of my favorite players from the tunnel after she was done singing.. And later a few of the game from my real seats, second row from the ceiling in the corner behind the visitor's bench.. LOL..

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Bummer of a game. Lost by 3.. but TOO COOL of an experience!

Friday, February 2, 2007

Testing the new lens

UPS man! Oh, I love the UPS man!! He brought me a new lens! I took these of my DH's dog as test shots.. LOVE IT!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Revese Lens Macro

I've done this before to image bugs and other smallish things, thought I'd try it again with the 5D.. This is Dana's baby bracelet charm. She was born in the Year of the Tiger.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Birdie Birdie Birdie!

These are the noisiest birds! I know you can't hear them in the blog, but trust me when I say they were terribly disruptive! They look innocent enough, but don't be fooled!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


No work today, decided after lunch to go for a drive. Just drove to see where the road took me, and found these places.. I'll have to go back when the weather is better. It is cold and rainy today.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Not what I wanted..

I had wanted to take some moon shots tonight, but it was too cold and hazy.. this is all I got.. bummer.. have to wait another day..

Catching up!

I found out over the weekend that it wasn't too late to join the challenge.. I'm so excited! Here're a couple I shot over the weekend before I got word, and then I'll post the challenge photos in a separate post.

These are of Josh's pet hamster.. I didn't think that they could have pink eyes unless they were albinos, and to be honest, it freaks me out a little bit..

These are of Joshua playing on his dad's old Nintendo system. Forget that he got a new GameCube for Christmas, he and his dad like the old 8bit graphics.. Go figure..

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Just starting out!

Had to test it out!